Custom Covers Make the Difference.

Your book cover is the doorway to your book. You want to catch the reader’s eye at first glance, but more importantly, you want the cover to accurately reflect the hard work you’ve put in to the interior. Why trust this process to a template design, where your cover matches thousands of others?  Let us help! If you have images or ideas for your book cover but do not have the necessary software or design experience to put it all together, we will take your existing high-quality images or design concepts and create a professional, printer-ready cover.

As the author, you may choose to work with a designer to fine-tune elements, or choose a standard package and let the designer decide! We will also work with your print-on-demand publisher or printer to meet their specifications.

Standard Cover Layout
$199.00 - $299.00

Designer’s Choice for a fast, professional layout, including text and images. Authors may supply 1-2 high-resolution images for placement, along with front and back cover text. We’ll take care of the rest!

Premium Cover Layout

Need a little more? Our Premium service allows for a higher level of customization and style choices. Authors may supply up to three high resolution images for front and back cover placement, along with text.

Premium Plus Cover Layout

Our Premium Plus service works best for authors who wish to supply an image but would prefer a designer to make additional recommendations regarding design, or for those who have an idea of what they want for their cover but may not have images. In that case, we will work directly with you to brainstorm ideas, show you sample images, and then build your design from the content you approve!