Why Choose Professional Copyediting?

The first draft of your manuscript is complete. You have gone through it countless times and are finally ready to begin pursuing production. This would be a good time to have your work copyedited. Because you are so close to the work, it is easy to miss crucial errors. One reason for this is because the human brain tends to supply us with the information we expect to see. A copyeditor can correct the errors you may have been unable to spot, as well as help you to increase the overall readability of your work. This can include correcting sentence structure, increasing clarity, making adjustments to awkward sentences or dialogue, and enhancing flow.

What we write has power. It is worthy of care and attention. It is our job to bring that to the service we provide. Let us help you enhance the power of your words. We provide a free sample edit of your work to get you started!


Proofreading services are available for those with a manuscript in need of a light review for basic errors and are typically obtained after a work has been professionally edited. It never hurts to do a final check!

Basic Editing

As the first level of copyediting, we recommend this level of service for authors whose work has already been professionally reviewed or for those who may benefit from a simple check for typographical errors, misspelled words, punctuation, incorrect usage, and consistency.

Moderate Editing

We recommend second-level editing services for authors whose work may contain moderate problems with sentence structure or occasional inconsistencies in point-of-view or tense, in addition to basic errors.

Extensive Editing

As the third and highest level of editing, we recommend an Extensive Edit for authors whose work may contain moderate to extensive problems with punctuation, grammar, point-of-view, tense, dialogue, narrative tone, and/or sentence structure and clarity. An extensive edit will also benefit those writing in English as a second language.

Editorial Evaluation

An Editorial Evaluation (Developmental Review) offers authors the chance to have their work read and critiqued prior to the editing process.  An Evaluation will address crucial structural items, such as point of view, plot and character strengthening, recommendations regarding the addition or subtraction of content, or substantive reorganization. A review can also provide authors with assistance in refining their initial manuscript drafts.