Premium Plus Cover

$499.00 (Paperback)
$529.00 (Hardcover)
Turnaround: 5-10 days

This service works best for authors who have an idea of what they want for their cover but do not have images to provide, or authors who may wish to supply an image but would prefer a designer to make additional recommendations. Authors may consult with a designer, or we will work to provide you with stock images from which to choose based on your concepts.

    • Book title, subtitle (if applicable), and author name setup on front cover
    • Book title and author name setup on spine
    • Back cover text setup
    • Free copyediting of back cover text (upon request)
    • Free consultation with a designer (includes the acquisition of cover images and appropriate licenses, if needed, and a review of what may work best for the cover based on your subject and intended audience)
    • Choice of 1 – 5 font styles and 1 – 5 font colors for text
    • Up to 2-color background (if no full-bleed image is chosen)
    • Up to 4 images for use on front and back cover (such as full bleed background, author photo, separate full bleed back cover image, and publisher logo); images will be color-corrected and resized, if necessary / Designers may also acquire images for you!
    • Choice of logo or publisher’s imprint for insertion on spine and back cover (supplied by author)
    • Barcode placement on back cover (author must supply ISBN)
    • One revision set (including image adjustments, font and color changes, text replacement – does not include change of trim size or image replacement)