Why Professional Book Design?

While many authors feel confident that they have successfully formatted their work for print, a professional layout may contain design elements or formatting standards that are unfamiliar or difficult to produce. Common file errors include unembedded fonts; poor image quality; incorrect trim size; margin inconsistencies; missing or improperly set gutters; inconsistent styles, page setup, or line spacing; missing or manually set page numbers and running heads; text or images outside of the print margin; awkward gaps in text; files that are not compliant; or an overall composition that fails to match the quality of traditional publications.

Personal publishing support makes the difference.

We will create a professional, custom interior design for your manuscript. As the author, you may choose to work with a designer to fine-tune elements, or choose a standard package and let the designer decide! Our work will meet the specifications of your print-on-demand publisher or printer, including IngramSpark and Kindle Direct Publishing. Request your Free Custom Sample Design!

Standard Book Design

Designer’s choice for fast turnaround and a simple yet professional layout. This level of composition includes traditional design elements and works best for manuscripts consisting of basic text only, with no images or special elements. Great for fiction or short story collections!

Standard Select

Need a little more? Standard Select offers expanded trim sizes and is best for manuscripts with up to ten graphics, numbered or bulleted lists, scene breaks, or expanded layout requirements.

Premium Book Design

Add Premium options to our Standard design service, including tables, block indented text, subheadings, special fonts, and enhanced design embellishments.

Premium Select

Best choice for full customization, including custom trim sizes, full bleed books, complex elements, increased graphic content, or challenging designs.