PDF Cover Evaluation

We will need to know your printer/s, as this will help us to determine the proper print specifications.
This is the final print size of your book.
This must be an exact page count, including blank and unnumbered pages. Accuracy is important here, since the spine dimensions are based on your final page count.
Please choose only one option. If you need us to evaluate multiple editions, please fill out a separate form for each edition.
The paper type will impact the dimensions of the spine, since creme paper is thicker than white paper. We recommend white paper for graphic intensive work and creme paper for most fiction, as it tends to be easier on the eyes. Please do not choose a black and white paper type if you are printing the interior in color.
Please do not choose a color paper type if you are printing the interior in B&W.
You may submit your images using the Browse Files option. The maximum total file size is 15MB. If your files exceed this size, please submit the form but indicate in the comments field above that you will need to send your file separately. Thank you!

Maximum size 15MB

*If the "Choose File" option does not allow you to browse for or upload your file, please complete this form and then submit your files directly to scribe@integrativeink.com. Be sure to include your name in the email so that we can match your submission with your form details. Thank you!

*Our response time is typically within 24 hours, Monday-Friday. If you do not receive a response, please check your SPAM or JUNK folder and add scribe@integrativeink.com to your address book.


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