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Stephanee Killen 

Owner of Integrative Ink

Before joining the ePublishing revolution as a web editor for a prominent ePublisher, I worked as a freelance editor for The Ballantine Publishing Group, a division of Random House. This is what set me on the path to building strong creative partnerships with authors and a commitment to quality and detail.

When ePublishing first became a viable option for authors, I was surprised by the industry’s lack of focus on content quality. Considered a Do-It-Yourself approach to publishing, it was assumed that authors would be happy just to have their work in print. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth! Authors wanted to create something of value, and I believed we could give them the tools they needed to produce books that would stand up against any traditional publication.

I started Integrative Ink with the intent of providing these tools and helping authors through the often times complicated process of preparing their work for publication. That was back in 2001, and the ePublishing industry has greatly evolved since then—still, there appears to be one constant: As print-on-demand companies grow larger and more numerous, it becomes more difficult for them to provide quality customer service and easy-to-understand, practical information on the finer points of the publishing process. In some cases, it’s not in their best interest to explain the process in detail. Many also fail to develop substantive relationships with authors—to them, you’re simply a Title ID.

This is what sets Integrative Ink apart. By providing the opportunity to work closely with an editor or book designer who will take the time to explain the process as a whole, authors can develop the confidence they need to navigate the world of publishing. I believe that quality service, customization, and communication allow authors to successfully compete in the expanding self-publishing marketplace. That means providing a professional result that will rival books produced by traditional publishing houses and includes the use of new technologies, formatting, and marketing methods to meet publishing goals.

As an editor and book designer, but more importantly, as a writer myself, I understand the excitement, trepidation, and hard work that shape the enterprise of writing. My passion for the arts and for the creative process is what fuels me in exploring and developing new services, opportunities, and resources for writers. It is my pleasure and privilege to work with authors just like you, and I hope to continue to create a community where we can share ideas, information, and our love of expression!

Stephanee Killen

Questions? Contact Stephanee directly at sk@integrativeink.com

Stephanee Killen
is a poet, entrepreneur, and author. As the owner of Integrative Ink, a publishing pre-production company she established in 2001, Stephanee has edited and designed work for numerous authors, including books appearing on The New York Times Best Sellers list. She has published articles in elephant journal and Huffington Post.

Additional experience in the industry includes work for the National Educational Service and website design. Stephanee specializes in providing comprehensive publishing consultations, copyediting, custom book design, and acting as an author advocate.

*Ballantine Group titles include A Certain Smile by Judith Michael, Do Unto Others by Kristine Lattany, and The Sea is Full of Stars by Jack L. Chalker.


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