Guide to Self-Publishing

My manuscript is complete!
Now what do I do to get it published?

There are numerous steps that take you from the completed first draft of your manuscript to the final, printed book. We’ve tried to break them down in a way that will be easy to understand, providing details on each task you will need to complete—and tips on how you can make it through this process with your sanity and budget still (mostly) intact. The basic steps that will lead you to a quality published book include the following:

Step 1. Developmental Review and Copyediting

Because you are so close to the work, it is easy to miss crucial errors. One reason for this is because the human brain tends to supply us with the information we expect to see. A copyeditor can catch many of the things you may have been unable to catch, as well as help you to increase the overall readability of your work. This can include correcting sentence structure, increasing clarity, re-writing awkward sentences, adjusting dialogue, and enhancing flow.


Step 2. Author Tasks (while book is out for editing)
    • Create Book Blurb
    • Write Author Bio / Choose or Take Author Photo
    • Create Publishing Imprint / Set up Bank account
    • Choose Publisher/Printer / Fill out Publisher/Printer contracts and account setup
    • Choose Trim Size (Book size) and Binding Type
    • Copyright
    • ISBN / LCCN / Barcode


Step 3. Book Design / Cover Design
    • Submit necessary images/text/registration information to designers


Step 4. Submit to Publisher/Printer
    • Send files and necessary information


Step 5. Order and Review Proof Copy
    • Make changes, if needed, and resubmit


Step 6. Marketing / Sell Your Book!
    • Consider hiring a publicity team
    • Create Marketing Materials
    • Develop Web Presence (author website, social networking)
    • Promote / Book Signings


This may seem like a lot to do, but the process can be organized in ways that will help keep you on track and within budget. We’ve provided detailed information and tips for each of the six steps and primary author tasks. We’ve also included answers to some of our author’s most frequently asked questions.

Let’s get started!


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