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Tell us a little about your book using the form below, and then attach your manuscript for a free initial estimate and custom sample! If you need help preparing for your submission, our Submission Checklist is a great place to start. When you’re ready, we recommend that you submit your manuscript in its final form. This allows us to complete the sample on finished work so that once you approve the basic design elements, we can simply complete the remainder of the design process without the need to start over. If your book is still in the revision stage, please hold your submission until it is complete. We DO allow for editorial revisions post-design, but these should be kept to a minimum, if possible.

If you need assistance with the form below, or if you would like to speak with someone about the layout of your manuscript, please contact us! There is no obligation. We look forward to working with you!

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Step 1.
Tell Us About Your Manuscript
Please be sure to list any deadlines for your project.
This is the final print size of your book. The most common print sizes are 6x9, 5.5x8.5, and 5x8.
This should be the page count for the current manuscript you are submitting (pre-design).
This should be the word count for the entire manuscript. Most word processing programs, such as MS Word, will provide an automatic word count function.
This should be the current number of chapters in your book.
Please be sure to count each instance of an image or graphic. (Tables and charts are counted separately. Repeating elements would still be counted individually. If you are not sure of this, and you have a large number of images, you may approximate a value.
Please be sure to count each instance of table or chart. Repeating elements would still be counted individually. If you are not sure of this, and you have a large number of tables or charts, you may approximate a value.
The difference between Color (Standard) and Full Bleed is that Standard will include a white margin around all edges of the page. In Full Bleed, any images will extend all the way to the edges of the page, with the exception of the binding side.
Step 2.
Choose From a Set of Design Elements
If you would prefer to let our designers decide, simply leave "Designer's Choice" in the option fields below.
This will be the font used for the main body of text in your book.
In most cases, 12pt. is a good choice for a standard font size; however, if you are wanting to increase or decrease the total number of pages in your book, then choosing a non-standard size may work best.
The "baseline" value is equivalent to "line spacing" in most word processing programs. A baseline of 12pts can be considered approximately single spacing for a standard font size. We normally provide a little extra space in our default option. You may want to choose more or less if you are looking to increase/decrease page count or enhance readability for children's books or the visually impaired. Our designers can help choose the best elements for you.
Auto-hyphenation is used by default, although we use a very low level so that fewer hyphens will appear in a paragraph. This helps to keep awkward gaps from appearing in fully justified text and is recommended.
Chapters can be forced to start on right-facing pages only, meaning sometimes a blank page will be added before it. Or chapters can be permitted to start on either left- or right-facing pages. It is recommended that if your book contains many short chapters, you permit them to flow. This will keep the number of blank pages reduced.
Running heads are text that alternates at the top of each book page. This is usually formatted in one of the styles below. Author Name/Book Title is the default.
We recommend setting page numbers to bottom/centered if your running heads may be long (leaving little space for page numbers at the top).
You may submit your manuscript as well as sample images using the Browse Files option. You may submit more than one file; however, the maximum total file size is 10MB. If your files exceed this size, please submit the form but indicate in the comments field above that you will need to send files separately. Thank you!

Maximum size 10MB

*If the "Choose File" option does not allow you to browse for or upload your file, please complete this form and then submit your manuscript directly to Be sure to include your name in the email so that we can match your submission with your form details. Thank you!


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